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Post by [Sc8]Hardware on November 19th 2017, 21:59

Ark City.

A city of rebirth, it rose from the ashes of its predecessor. Born out of the cataclysmic schemes of a powerful villain, it has since flourished into a shining beacon of progress. Yet beneath the shiny veneer, old troubles re-emerge, and new foes rise to challenge those in power. And over all, a memorial to the villainy that brought ruin, and the bravery of those who opposed it, rises to prominence.

I am known as the Castellan. I stand in memory of the survivors, and the lost, of the devastation. With what gifts I have, I shall hold the line against what foes come, although I know I need not stand alone. Let those who can answer the call, and stand as a bulwark against those who would bring destruction.

Central District

Places of Note:

The Old Town Performing Arts Campus
-Known locally as "The Fort", due to the high wall resembling a castle's walls around the entire complex.
*Main Theater and Concert Hall
--Notable features include a fully enclosed tech and lighting "command center", complete with sound-proofed and tinted windows that can be opened during rehearsals and closed for performances. In addition, the spotlights are controlled from 'turret stations" in the booth.
*Outdoors Amphitheater
--Often the site of reported meetings of Castellan and the Shadeweaver. Also frequently the site of meetings between Castellan and PRIMUS representatives.
*The Broken Shillelagh Pub
--Owned and operated by Miranda Connor.
*Set, Prop, and Costume Workshops
*Performer's Apartments

--Matthias Tarant maintains his primary residence here.

Emergency Care Clinic
-Dr. Tarant is on staff here, site primarily deals with injuries from the theater, although it is open to the public. First responder-type personnel receive free treatment, and their families get reduced costs, or even free as well.

Ark City Medical Complex

Avalon Corporation, District Offices

PRIMUS Ark City Offices

City Administration Buildings
*City Hall
*Central District Police Headquarters

Memorial Park
-Has statuary representing (supposedly) the heroes of the Battle of the River.

Old Cathedral
-Building survived the Battle of the River intact.

Persons of Note:

Dr. Matthias Tarant
-Considered the local expert in several fields, including biology, medicine, and genetics. A member of the theatrical group. Known to have been in the area since the rebuilding. Appears to be in his mid-thirties, despite clearly being older. Periodically lectures, primarily at the university. His lectures tend to be popular, in no small part due to the fact that he has them catered.
-Local super, appeared after the Battle of the River.
Mayor Leonard Wilson
Police Chief Melanie Cress
PRIMUS Director Wayne Garrett

-A survivor of the Battle.
Miranda Connor
-Owner of the Broken Shillelagh.

West Industrial District

Places of Note:

-Park-like walkway that stretches along both sides of the river that divides the western district of Ark City from the rest of the city.

Ark City International Airport

Ark City Distribution Transportation Center
-Has limited airfield capacity, mostly for cargo planes.

Ark City Transit Authority Center

East Lockdown District

Places of Note:

The Chimney
-Any form of travel over the Chimney is mystically blocked, as well as by a thick dark cloud. Sheltered, amphitheater-like valley at top. Statues exist in form of those who fell during the Battle of the River, each facing inwards towards a mausoleum-like structure at the center of the valley. A winding pathway exists leading from the base of the Chimney to the top, as the only access point to the valley at the top. A deep chasm, radiating a pale greenish glow from deep within, completely rings the Chimney. Claims abound that the Shadeweaver is often seen pacing around the rim of the Chimney's plateau-valley.

Ark City Maximum Security Holding Center
-A large facility with a sizable number of specially designed holding cells, as well as a military-specifications airfield, the MSHC serves as a transit point for more dangerous and notorious prisoners taken by the City's heroes or PRIMUS. The airfield allows swift transfer of prisoners to numerous "Super Prisons"... Including PRIMUS' Maximum Security Superprison, Stronghold.

Ark City Security Campus
-A sizable compound of high-security buildings, the Security Campus plays home to those criminals that don't require extreme measures to hold.

The Raven's Knock
-A small, independently owned store located just inside the eastern district of the city, filled mostly with cheap knick-knacks and clearly bogus "New Agey" fortune-telling books and paraphanilia. Deeper in the shop from the obvious fakery lies the real stuff. Store serves as the city's main mystical supply point.

-Small nightclub, located near to the Raven's Knock. Caters to the "scene" crowd.

South District

Places of Note:

Ark City Historical Museum
-Includes permanent exhibit on comedic performers in early cinema.

PRIMUS Regional Training Academy

Persons of Note:

PRIMUS Training Sergeant Bradley Markus

North Educational District

Places of Note:

Ark City University
-Dr. Tarant periodically lectures here.
-Sports Team Name: Blazers
-School Colors: Blue and Gold. Grey often used for main color on clothing, with blue logo and lettering edged by yellow/gold.

Ark City Junior-Senior High School
-Sports Team Name: Patriots
-School Colors: Green and Gold.

Ark City Elementary
-Sports Team Name: Bulldogs
-School Colors: Green and Orange.

Riverside Memorial Sporting Complex
-Basketball Team Name: Steamers, Colors: Grey and Red
-Baseball Team Name: Ferrymen, Colors: Purple and Black
-Hockey Team Name: Rivermen, Colors: Blue and Red

Ark City Convention Center

WMSK Broadcasting Studio
-Broadcast Studio for the local radio station, 104.47 WMSK "The Mask".

Ravenstone Academy
-Private Junior-Senior High School. While nominally an Ivy League prep school styled facility, Ravenstone actually serves as a semi-formal training ground for new superheroes, mostly of the "metahuman" classification.
-School Colors: Black and Gold

Persons of Note:

Principal Mary (Irving) Stuart
-A survivor of the Battle

Channel 13 Broadcasting Center
-Recording and broadcasting studio for Ark City's local television station.

Crits and Bits
-Local tabletop gaming and hobby supply store. The gaming section is the main part, and painting supplies, model-making, and sewing supplies are the most promenient hobby sections.

The Book Nest
-Local comic and book store. Large comic section, mostly western ones but including a range of popular manga, as well as a wider range of topics. Roleplaying gaming books are next door at Crits and Bits.

-A small coffeeshop, located between "Crits and Bits" and "the Book Nest", actually connecting the two stores. All three locations are actually owned by the same people.

"El Rasca Espaldas"
-Local Mexican restaurant, changed to current name after temporarily closing down to deal with a health issue that caused a great deal of digestive issues for patrons. The issues have not resurfaced since the reopening.

Notable Historical Figures:

Shadeweaver: Local superhero, and survivor of the Battle of the River. Currently thought of as semi-retired, as he's only been seen at and around the Chimney in recent years. Believed to be guarding the site and some secret held there.

Michael Winter: Local figure, one of the founding members of the Old Town Performing Arts group. Believed to perhaps be a survivor from the Battle of the River, however no heroic identity known of. Currently serving as Maintenance Manager for the theater.

Allen Naholo: Former NZ All Blacks player, moved to area prior to the Battle of the River. Coached local school system's rugby team, has returned to doing so since the rebuild into Ark City. Of Maori descent, known for teaching his rugby teams how to perform a style of Maori dance known as the Haka. Rumored to perhaps be the civilian identity of the hero Tangaroa.

Tangaroa: Local superhero and survivor of the Battle of the River. Superstrong "brick".

Haxxor: Local superhero and survivor of the Battle of the River. Cyberkinetist.

Crackle: Survivor of the Battle of the River. Wears a suit that allows lightning manipulation. Currently under semi-forced retirement, and watch from Dr. Tarant and Winter.

Blackbird: Local hero and survivor of the Battle of the River. Known for operating under a strict rule to never take lives... although has been known to get a bit on the rough side. Regularly.

Rockstar-chan: Survivor of the Battle of the River. Attempts to be like an anime character in appearance. Thought to perhaps be the sister of Blackbird. Known for causing eyerolling from Winter.

Solaria: Late superhero of note, formerly married to Dr. Matthais Tarant. Real name: Elena Tarant. Came to area after rebuild. Passed away due to injuries sustained while assisting with recovery after a major earthquake hit the West Coast. Mother of the late villain Sunwraith.

Sunwraith: Late supervillian from Ark City, real identity: Edward Tarant. Turned to villainy after mental breakdown resulting from mother's death. Due to accidents that happened, he was permanently, and critically, injured during his capture. Was left brain-dead and on life support, however his father eventually chose to pull the plug, and allow his son to pass away.

Castellan: Local superhero, possible survivor of the Battle of the River. Known for his all-enclosing armor, which he's never seen out of. Some of the rumors circling about Castellan include theories that he's actually a mechanical entity, or that there's a ghost rather than a living person inside the armor.

Notable Rumors:

-Many of the local mystical or occult sources claim that the breach caused during the Battle of the River may no longer be completely sealed... If it ever was.
-Many people believe that there's a VIPER Nest hidden somewhere within Ark City, and that's it's only a matter of time before the snakes strike.

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Post by [Sc8]Hardware on November 19th 2017, 22:00

Important Ravenstone Academy rules

- Only seniors who have completed the Combat Certification course are permitted to wear superhero costumes or engage in superhero activities. Underclassmen may design their costumes, but are prohibited from entering combat actions under any circumstances.

- Dress code: Tops must be of at least enough length to reach the waistband; sleeves must reach at least mid-bicep; necklines must be no lower than collarbone-level. Pants/skirts must sit no lower than the natural waist, and must be of at least knee-length, with no excessive holes. Costumed seniors and those students classed as "Cryokinetic" are exempt from these restrictions.

Sit vis vobiscum.

It's all according to how your boogaloo situation stands, y'understand?

"The reason the sun never sets on the British Empire is because God doesn't trust the British in the dark." - John Rhys Davies, Sliders

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