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Second possible initial idea. Empty Second possible initial idea.

Post by Seretis on November 6th 2017, 20:08

This idea would be a (Super)Heroic-type game using the Batman-specific variant of the second edition DC Heroes system. This game will likely require a reference thread with several tables set up for character creation. Specific setting will depend on how things play out over the next few days, but will be a single city, at least to start.

As for the system itself... Mostly point based character gen, 2d10 - exploding doubles, auto-fail on double 1s. Will have a thread up with tables from the book as a reference. For more information, I've got a reference thread with most of the Player-oriented charts in it up, currently housed in the Experimental Bunker. If I get enough interest to start this, I'll move it to the game's section as a sticky. Also, currently considering running any solo "incidents" either through Discord or as threads, at player choice. Team-ups, however, will be handled via Discord. In all Discord cases, logs will be posted in a thread.

Setting-wise, as said... Looking at a single city to start out with, Ashport. (Name subject to possible change) Currently, Ashport is undergoing revitalization after a lengthy major economic collapse... And not all of its residents like the idea. Originally, the city's main industries were steel and coal... But as those industries collapsed, Ashport began its decline. Within a decade, the city found itself ruled in all but name only by criminal organizations. In recent years, though, two separate corporations have begun to work towards revitalization efforts, trying to clean up the city and improve its overall image. Of the two, the Arapice Corporation is the "louder" of the two about its presence... Which seems to have caused a few scandals involving investigations of connections to the local criminal organizations. The other, Wintergreen Technologies, has by all accounts managed to avoid, if not outright block, such entanglements.

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Time to see how badly this idea ends up turning out...

YAY! Botched SAN check...

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