First interest thread, yay!

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First interest thread, yay! Empty First interest thread, yay!

Post by Seretis on November 6th 2017, 10:35

So, I've gotten a couple of ideas bouncing around in the pinball machine I call a brain...

The RP would be a free-form style game involving a group trying to locate and contain unusual threats, with some elements of the old Sci-Fi Channel show "Warehouse 13" making an appearance. Mostly the football artifact from it. The "base" location is going to be isolated island, and have secure storage, of course... And the facility will likely have it's own means of transport, as well as an effect to prevent locating efforts.

The group operating the facility often goes by many different names and covers, with those actually on the island simply calling the group "The Archives", a name that usually gets extended to the island facility itself. As for the players, the player characters (who will be effectively "normal") will have had something really strange or weird happen to them previously (Discussions about what will be part of character approval.) and subsequently approached and hired by a representative of one of the cover companies or groups.

"Missions" will mostly be of the item retrieval type, at least initially, although there could be a few other things thrown into the mix.

Time to see how badly this idea ends up turning out...

YAY! Botched SAN check...

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