Peltas Five Station

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Peltas Five Station

Post by SiphonTalvesh on March 16th 2018, 02:32

Recap of Previous Events which are active:

Meanwhile, Sivok had finally managed to track down the undead being that had a few people buzzing. Getting closer to Said, he finally called out.

"So, there you are. I've been looking for you Mister Mummy."

There was a short pause followed by a "And that didn't come out the way it originally sounded it might."

Saïd barely looked up from his list he was studying.

"I don't suppose you know where one might find...Ah, never mind. *ahem* Whatever you might have heard, it's most definitely a lie. Oh, and don't ever trust a used-sarcophagus salesman. Now, what can I...acquire for you?"

Sivok meanwhile shook his head.

"There was a woman that went with you back here, Evelyn I believe her name was. Siphon asked me to speak with her about how she ended up on the planet, and regarding a more ... personal matter that occurred on the planet surface. Perhaps you could assist me with this, he mentioned I might need to find you."

"Ah. Well. I'm rather afraid you'll have to discuss that with the Captain. She'll be in one of your...conference rooms, whatever you call them." He waved a withered hand vaguely in the direction of the core of the station.

Sivok seemed to scowl slightly.

"There's fifteen of the damn things. Very well, thank you. Oh, and you may want to consider a means of .... better blending in around here. Something about undead invasions and whatnot from the past make people a little ... uneasy about your appearance."


Sivok finally located a room where the Captain of the ship in question was supposed to be. He'd sit outside waiting for their meeting to finish so he could speak with them.


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