Timeline of Events (Updated whenever new major timeline info becomes available)

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Timeline of Events (Updated whenever new major timeline info becomes available) Empty Timeline of Events (Updated whenever new major timeline info becomes available)

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1747: Dr. Gregory Magnus, eventual father of Helen Magnus discovers that he possesses the rare life lengthening genetics of a long lived abnormal not long after discovering the existence of such creatures. While he makes the discovery of these creatures known to his government, he hides from them his own genetic abnormalities.

1749: The current world governments briefly consider a war with abnormals, though decide against it once they learn of exactly how many there are.

1758: Dr. Gregory Magnus suggests that large buildings be constructed to house dangerous abnormals, and that humans must be trained to deal with them. The idea is intially rejected, deemed as too risky.

1767: The first safe house is built to contain dangerous abnormals. It will stand for many years.

1839: The original safe house is destroyed by a raging fire, believed to have been set by those fearful of abnormals.

1847: Helen Magnus, who will later become the head of the entire global Sanctuary network is born. It is unknown who her mother was, however her father is Dr. Gregory Magnus.

1856: John Druitt, James Watson, Nigel Griffin and Nikola Tesla are born.

1869: Helen discovers her father's work, and demands to be let in on it, fascinated. He reluctantly agrees, not realizing he's about to alter the very nature of his own work, and see success beyond his wildest dreams.

1880: Helen, along with Druitt, Watson, Griffin and Tesla discover a vial of ancient vampire blood, completely pure. Wishing to better understand abnormals, they secretly inject themselves with the blood, each one becoming an abnormal themsevles. Helen gains the long lived properties her father has, Druitt gains the ability to teleport at will, Watson's intellect is dramatically increased, Griffin gains the ability to becoming invisible, and Tesla's transformation is the most extreme. Tesla not only gains the ability to manipulate electrical fields, but his own dormant genetics reveal he's descended from a vampire, and he quickly displays those characteristics. Becoming a half vampire himself, Nikola begins to learn all he can about his ancestors.

1881: Gregory finds out about the experiment, and wishes to destroy the remaining vial of blood. Helen convinces him otherwise, saying it needs to be kept in the case of a dire emergency. He reluctantly agrees, and begins devising a series of tests that are suited to each of the five's unique abilities, so that only they can complete the tasks, and retrieve the blood working together.

1886: Magnus and Druitt officially begin a relationship, and the first of the Sanctuaries is constructed in London.

1888: Something happens with Druitt, and he begins murdering prostitutes at an alarming rate. Watson begins to work on solving the case, dubbing the murderer as Jack the Ripper, unaware it's Druitt. Gregory Magnus vanishes to complete his work on the trials, not aware of Druitt's insanity.

1894: Helen discovers she is pregnant with Druitt's child, but soon learns the horrible truth about her soon to be husband. She discovers him one night murdering a prostitue, where he confesses to being Jack the Ripper before teleporting away. Crushed, she uses the advanced technology that Tesla has created to extract her unborn child, cryogenically freezing it in the event she ever wishes to bring said life into the world. Watson feels betrayed when he realizes his closest confidant, Druitt, whom he has shared so many details of the Ripper murders with has actually been playing him the entire time. It's a blow to his ego that he never truly recovers from.

1895: Dr. Adam Werth, a brilliant man discovers the existence of the five, though only to the degree of knowing how they came into being. He approaches Magnus with the hopes of having her use the blood on him, as he's curious, but Helen refuses, still concerned over what happened with Druitt.

1898: Werth returns to Helen, who's less than pleased to see him. However he's not concerned with the source blood or experiments, much to her relief. That relief turns to horror when she discovers Werth has returned to ask for her help. His daughter is dying of an unknown disease, and he wants her help in trying to save her. Helen quickly agrees, and for months tries to save the poor girl, but to no avail. No treatment will help, and as she grows weaker and weaker, Werth finally demands Helen use the source blood on her, knowing it's still in her possession. She refuses, saying it could very well destroy the girl, or turn her into an uncontrollable creature. Werth pleads with her to no avail, and ultimately, the girl dies. In a fit of rage, Werth declares he will one day get his revenge upon Magnus, vanishing. Shortly after he vanishes, the Source Blood also does, having been taken by Gregory Magnus.

1899: Werth begins conducting experiments on time travel, his inner abnormal having been unleashed by his anguish over the death of his daughter.

1902: The five are approached by a representative of the British government, who have managed to track down Druitt. They are tasked with stopping Werth, and ultimately, Helen confronts him over a cliff. She intends to bring him in, but Werth forces her to shoot him, and then intentiaonlly flings himself off the cliff. Druitt is waiting below for him though, preventing him from dying immediately. Werth however convinces Druitt that the British government won't follow through on their deal with him, and that he must strike out on his own, offering him help with the stockpile of weapons and technology he's left behind all throughout the world. In exchange, all Druitt has to do is lay him in the river, and allow him to die. Druitt does, lying to Helen when asked about finding Werth's body, simply saying he could not. Druitt then vanishes without a trace, leaving everyone to believe Werth is dead, and will never be found.

1943: The five become a critical piece in World War 2, with Druitt infiltrating the Nazi's. It turns out abnormals are also in the ranks of the Nazis, and they plan to unleash a Fire Elemental on the world. The plot is snuffed out, and once more Druitt vanishes, but only after insisting Watson take care of Helen, somehow aware they are in a relationship.

1949: The Shadowy organization known as the Cabal forms, mostly from left over escapees of Hitler's personal guard. Their focus is to enslave abnormals for their own gain and rise to world dominance, but quietly until they have enough power that no one can stop them. While aware of the Sanctuary network, they allow it to exist deeming it no threat to them at the present time.

1956: Druitt tracks Helen to Calgary, Canada, where the latest Sanctuary has been built. He is unwell, dying in fact, and forces Helen into giving him samples of her blood, which seem to stabilize him. After taking several more with him, he vanishes again, using his teleportation to escape her security teams.

1971: While on his way to Los Angeles, California to attend the opening of the fifth U.S based Sanctuary, (the others in New York, Miami, Dallas and Seattle), Dr. Gregory Magnus abruptly vanishes, and is believed to have been killed when the vehicle he was in is later found in several pieces outside what is presently Norman, Oklahoma. His body however, is never found.

1983: The mysterious Christopher Andrews is born. He will later become a MAJOR player in the lives of every man and woman involved in both the Sanctuary and Cabal networks. At the same time, Dr. Helen Magnus finally thaws out the embryo of the child she froze so long ago and allows her to finally be born, naming her Ashley Magnus.

2006: Christopher Andrews, now 23 manages to beat out both a Sanctuary team AND a Cabal recovery team in reaching a sample of source blood uncovered in a massive South American earthquake. While the earthquake is later revealed to be the responsibility of a large creature known as "Big Bertha", she is later captured by the Sanctuary team and is presumed to be killed. Meanwhile, the Cabal soldiers determine they did in fact beat the Sanctuary teams to the location of the source blood, and the identity of the man who beat them all to it, and begin a massive manhunt for him. Christopher Andrews, now only going by the name "Chris", is eventually cornered by the Cabal with no way out. Sensing he is in trouble, he willingly injects the entire sample of Source Blood into his body. When the Cabal soldiers close in and finally confront him, he has already transformed into a super-abnormal, possessing powers similar to both John Druitt and Nikola Tesla. In a display of raw power, he slaughters the ill prepared soldiers without mercy and escapes.

2007: At the very beginning of the new year, Dr. Helen Magnus learns of the slaughter of soldiers in Chicago, Illinois. Sending a team there, they eventually conclude that only a 'Sanguine Vampirus' could have inflicted so much carnage and not ever been touched. Worried that Nikola Tesla has begun experiments again, Helen Magnus contacts him, and while he admits he's had thoughts of continuing reviving the race, he begrudgingly concedes that he has no knowledge of the events in Chicago, and is completely surprised. He vows to search for answers and inform her of what he finds, but never follows through, instead returning to his work, in the hopes of creating a vampiric army to counter such a new and powerful threat, realizing whoever did this is close to being a pure blooded vampire.

2008: The hunt for Christopher Andrews, known only to the Sanctuary Network as 'The Chicago Massacrist' comes to a sudden end when he shows up at the Main Sanctuary in Calgary, Canada. His ability to teleport directly through all the Sanctuary Defenses, coupled with the sudden reappearance of John Druitt is enough to convince Helen Magnus that she must come up with a solution to keep them both from being able to teleport in and out at will. Christopher eventually comes to trust her, and helps her to devise a method capable of killing either him, or John in the event they should teleport in. He helps her devise an E.M Shield to keep teleporters out, learning about what happened to Druitt in the process. While he doesn't tell Magnus, he secretly limits himself to a certain number of teleports each day, fearful of what might happen should he go insane like Druitt.

The Cabal in the meantime realize the Sanctuary has the man they have hunted for years now, and plans are set in motion to capture him. However, before these plans can be set in motion, the Sanctuary inadvertently steals several abnormals from Cabal territory. The Cabal attack the Sanctuary in Calgary, and take back their 'property', but are unable to acquire Christopher as he is not there. The soldiers leave with the original intended cargo, and the organization once again loses all track of their other target, never knowing he has become a new recruit at the Sanctuary they just left.

2009: Christopher Andrews becomes a full fledged member of the Sanctuary Team under Dr. Helen Magnus, who has now been appointed head of the global Sanctuary network.

While conducting tests, Helen Magnus can find no trace of abnormalaties in Christopher's blood, despite his ability to teleport at will, and his vampiric tendencies. Helen concludes this is because he injected an entire vial of the blood into himself, rather than just a small portion, and that he has become nearly full blooded vampire.

The Sanctuary team learn more of the Cabal and what they have planned, and agree at some point they must be stopped, but not until they have more information. They also come across Helen's father, Gregory Magnus, who has been brainwashed into working for the Cabal. Eventually they free him from this, and he returns to the London Sanctuary, where he immerses himself in work to undo the damages he unwillingly has caused.

2012: Gregory Magnus up and vanishes in the middle of the night from London, however he begins to send gifts to Helen every few months to let her know he is alive, and well.

2016: The Cabal attack the Los Angeles Sanctuary, killing Miranda's mate and stealing a piece of technology being worked on.

Present Day: The tides of war are beginning to stir.


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