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Post by SiphonTalvesh on November 12th 2017, 10:28

In the event we get new players, this is where you'll post your character ideas.  Check out the Approved Database for a guideline on what information you should include.  All characters would need to be aligned with, or be the type to be willing to ally with the alliance (I shall NOT call it the Federation, I won't ...  damnit, I just did didn't I?).

Anyway, you get the idea.  The only races I won't be allowing per se would be the Atlanteans (Ancients), or Alverans, or anything from a series that would be considered anywhere as advanced as them such as the Forerunners from Halo.  And no Flood either.  And if you even think about the Borg, it'll be a tossup who gets you first, Seretis or me Razz

Just have fun with the creation, and let your imagination run (mostly) wild.


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